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Challenge your CRM Technology

Technology automates your business.
Outdated technology hinders your quest for innovation.

Do you need to update your technology for customer relationship management (CRM)?
Challenge your CRM technology by answering 15 questions

What about your CRM application?

  • What does your CRM application enable your sales, marketing and service to achieve?
  • How do you develop/maintain your CRM application?
  • How are your data secured?
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How efficient is your CRM application?

  • How well/badly does it meet the requirements of sales, marketing and service?
  • How easy/complicated is its development/maintenance?
  • How well/badly does data backup work?
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What impact do application shortcomings have on your CRM?

  • How do application shortcomings affect your sales, marketing and service?
  • To what extent do they hinder your quest for innovation?
  • What drawbacks result for your data backup?
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How would you like to improve your CRM application?

  • Which functions would enhance your sales, marketing and service?
  • What would enable you to invest more time in innovation rather than maintenance?
  • How could your data backup be made simpler?
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What added value could you get from a more efficient CRM application?

  • What benefits would arise for your sales, marketing and service?
  • How would a more innovative CRM application affect your customer relations?
  • What would be the benefits of optimum data backup?
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Congratulations, you've made it!

  • Have you identified your application shortcomings?
  • Have you noted down your improvement ideas?
  • Do you have questions or feedback?

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